It´s a big world - where do we meet?

If the few lines I left here for you are all I can do for you, please do never ever forget this one:


You have to step out of your every day life to stretch and grow. Afterwards, you can go back into it when you are on your way to become the predator and not the prey. Regarding this maybe most important rule for personal development, I created the away days.

In the first step, we are going to find a safe place where you can reflect, dream, develop strategies, get encouraged and make your first moves. And where I can - if necessary - kick your b..... to get you start moving. Some clients come to see me in Duesseldorf where several coaching sessions are supplemented with personal training, provided by a trusted partner (personal trainer), wellness treatments and other energizing coaching experiences.
Local away days - for limited funds - take place in my hometown, Duesseldorf, Germany. We arrange accommodation and provide transportation to and from our offices and meeting rooms, located "in the woods of Duesseldorf" so you can raise your spirit and let it fly high, without disturbance.

Others meet me at some beautiful place in the world, for example the 5* Spa Resort FonSanta or my "second home" PuroHotel on the mediteranian island of Mallorca. But any place in the world that makes your spirit fly high is a possible location to open your heart and push the limits (ENIGMA). Limits only exist in your imagination and in your funds. We know our job and what needs to be done, but we would like to offer you a wholistic coaching concept. You want to lose weight or just be sporty? We can offer you some additional services such as sporting activities with a certified personal trainer. Or you want to change your outfit? We can offer you shopping consultancy. Or is it your wish to lose your fear of heights? You an prove it by parajumping! Just let us know what you would like to achieve.

There´s just one more and last question:

Where will WE shake hands? 

Contact possibilities:

phone:   +49 211 20075373

email: info (@)

snailmail:  Frank Max, Am Bauenhaus 43, D-40472 Düsseldorf, Germany

Or have a look around at the airport - maybe your competitors are yet enjoying the benefits of MAXimum Coaching and you can find me in transit.