Your journey starts with a decision:

So, would you like to be

the hunter         or the prey      ?

living as the prey is easy. You leave your decisions and in consequence your life to the others. You don´t try to define yourself and design your life. You don´t have to work on your dreams. You help others to live their dream. It´s cosy, it´s easy, it´s not dangerous. Prey doesn´t make any other mistakes then not doing what the others like them to do or to be. Prey is constantly manipulated by the others.
But some prey slowly awakes and feels uncomfortable. If you feel you are not as you are meant to be or you rather live their life and not yours, you have started waking up. The good news is: You are standing close to the border to becoming the hunter. The bad news is: Most of us who somehow received their wake up call, stay close to that border, sometimes dream how it could be, but they don´t dare to cross the border. Once they awoke, they cannot go back asleep. Their only chance is to go their way and to do their own thing. OR staying unhappy, knowing what could be but never will be.

living as the hunter is fun. You decide where to go, what to to, which dreams you work on and which rainbow you hunt. You don´t get chewed up - and maybe later spit out - by the others. The hunter wakes up every morning, thankful for the next chance to a joyful hunt. Constantly working on his dream and sharing it with beloved ones that appreciate his companionship. Taking him and loving him as he is.
The hunter doesn´t play with his prey, like the others do. He only hunts what he wants and needs. He is permanently developing his skills to enjoy his life even more and realize bigger and brighter dreams.

let me ask you one last time:
would you like to be the hunter?    now go on

would you like to be the prey?       thank you for reading so far and see you later.