Congratulations!!!  Great decision do go your way!!

There are several factors that predict the success of change - for example in coaching or therapy. They are:

- Insight in illness
- Motivation for therapy
- Compliance (e.g. at first hand cooperation)

I guess you have at least a clue, what is wrong or goes wrong. You - remember the chapter before - woke up and, if you are honest to yourself, cannot longer deny it. Although you maybe try to deny what should be next, because there is something ore someone (of the others) that might try to keep you away from any changes.

coaching, as I understand it, should:

- Help you understand who you are and how you became that one
- Reflecting and evaluating your present relations
- (re-)Discovering your inner strength and ressources
- Designing you future as you like it to be
- Developing strategies to realize your dreams
- Encouraging you to constantly improve yourself and your life

On your way, we might discover that additional measures are necessary to ensure your efforts. This can be:

- Systemic measures to clarify how you are entangled in your life
- Hypnotherapy / hypno-coaching to activate ressources
- Ego-state-therapy to handle with inner parts that sabotage yourself
- Cognitive behaviour-therapy to get rid of believes that keep you prisoner
- Energetic therapy to comfort and calm you, if anxiousness or fear keep you in a stuck-state

No matter what techniques we use, they are all dedicated to support you to live your life in a way that is playful, full of joy, comfortable and exciting - just the way you like it.

To facilitate this to clients that are not living close to my location, I developped the so called away days. See next page to find out what this unique opportunity can offer to your life.

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